One of the most notable developments in migraine research comes from Hacettepe.

The article published in Science in 2013 (Spreading Depression Triggers Headache by Activating Neuronal Panx1 Channels, Science 2013, 339:1092-5), of which Turgay Dalkara is the principal researcher and produced from the doctoral theses of the faculty members of our Institute, Prof. Dr. Hülya Karataş-Kurşun and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evren Erdener, along with valuable contributions of Prof. Dr. Yasemin Gürsoy Özdemir and Prof. Dr. Emine Eren-Koçak, has been rated has one of the 12 most notable developments in 20 years in the field of migraine research, by Lancet Neurology, the leading journal of the neurology field (Impact factor: 60) (Lancet Neurology 21:955-58, November 2022).