Special Logo For The 55th Anniversary Of The Establishment Of Our University

In 2022, a competition was held for our university's 55th anniversary logo to be used in the events of the 55th anniversary of its establishment, and since it was concluded that there was no logo of the desired quality in the competition, the invited designer method was used to create and implement a functional and original 55th anniversary honor logo that will reflect the vision mission of our university. The work whose image is given below has been selected for use.


The designer of the chosen logo, Dr. Seza Soyluçiçek Vurgun's statements about the design are as follows:


"The purpose of creating the 55th year logo of our university;

Emphasizing the identity of a research university, reflecting the collaborative work and creation approaches of rich academic disciplines, visualizing the dynamism created by interlocking parts and the structure that has undertaken the mission of establishing the future in this way, its development-oriented structure with continuous breakthroughs and the strength it derives from the motto "Further… To the Best..." was to make it visible.

In addition, the 55th anniversary logo is intended to reflect the high-quality education understanding of our University in the fields of science, technology and art, the speed and dynamism of the age, vitality and mobility.

I feel the importance and value of 55 years, I am honored to be a part of Hacettepe University and to contribute."


It is respectfully announced that our University, which is experiencing its 55th honor year, will have many more honorable years with success.


Hacettepe University Rectorate