The 87th anniversary of Ankara State Conservatory was celebrated with enthusiasm

Ankara State Conservatory, which was established in 1936 with the directives of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and joined to Hacettepe University in 1982, is the “87. Many events were held between 5-11 May 2023 within the framework of the “Foundation Anniversary Events”.

Three departments, titled Music, Performing Arts and Music Sciences; Ankara State Conservatory, with hundreds of programs that provide education from primary education to doctorate and proficiency in arts, continues to carry it to the future with enthusiasm and faith by preserving and developing the "music and performing arts" heritage of the Republic it has entrusted. The 87th Anniversary Events held in Ankara State Conservatory building were celebrated with great enthusiasm with various activities.

On May 5, 2023; The ceremonies, which started with the visit of the faculty, alumni and students of the Ankara State Conservatory to the spiritual office of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the conservatory in Antikabir, continued with the receiving plaques of the graduates celebrating their 50th anniversary of their graduation.
The plaque ceremony started with the performance of the National Anthem by the Hacettepe Symphony Orchestra and Conservatory Choir; Ankara State Conservatory Director Prof. Dr. Metin Munzur's opening speech continued with the Hacettepe Symphony Orchestra concert, the performance of the Conservatory Anthem and the plaque ceremony. On the same day, after the Feza Gökmen Chamber Music Class concert organized by the String Instruments Major, Mrozek's play "Refuges", which was staged by the Theater Main Art Branch, was exhibited.
The last event of the first day was the "Agustín Pio Barrios Commemorative Concert" organized by the Ankara State Conservatory together with the Paraguay and El Salvador Embassies in honor of the 100th Anniversary of our Republic. The concert started with a moment of silence for our citizens who lost their lives in the earthquake disaster in our country on February 6, 2023 and the performance of the national anthems of the three countries. After the speeches of El Salvador Ambassador to Turkey Hector Enrique Jaime Calderon, Paraguay Turkish Ambassador Ceferino Adrian Valdez Peralta, Deputy Director General of Foreign Promotion and Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mehmet Günay and Conservatory Director Prof. Dr. Metin Munzur, the concert consisting of works of "Barrios" started. In the concert, which attracted the participation and interest of Hacettepe University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Serhat Ünal and an intense international protocol including about 20 ambassadors, the artists of the Ankara State Conservatory performed various works of Barrios. In the concert, in addition to the masterful performances of Barrios' works by Erkan Mehmet Karagülle, Alper Es, Soner Çiftçioğlu and Eren Süalp, variations on the composer's work "Danza" written for baglama and improvisations on the main theme were performed by Prof. Dr. The performance with baglama by Cenk Güray also attracted great attention.
The second day of the events, May 6, was also the 115th birthday of Necil Kazım Akses, one of the monumental names of the Ankara State Conservatory. On this occasion, the talk titled "Ankara State Conservatory as a Heritage of the Republic" and the exhibition "Art and Child" were organized in memory of Necil Kazım Akses on his 115th birthday with the participation of Prof. Renkm Gökmen, Ersin Antep, Pınar Alpay and Cenk Güray.

The events on May 8 started with the “Klaranka” concert organized by the Wind and Percussion Instruments Department. After the Kermes organized by MBO and MSSL School-Parent Associations, a Jazz Main Art Concert was held. The activities of the day continued with the Erdogan Davran Chamber Music Class concert organized by the String Instruments Major and Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" staged by the Theater Major. The last concert of the day was Prof. It was the concert of Hacettepe University Symphony Orchestra, titled "Young Soloists", which took the stage under the conductorship of Renkm Gökmen.

The activities on 9 May started with the Contrabass Orchestra concert organized by the String Instruments Main Art Branch. The extraordinary repertoire of the orchestra, which is one of the first examples in its field, attracted great attention. After this event, Günay Günaydın gave a seminar titled “The Hidden World of Our Songs” within the scope of Music Science Conferences organized by the Music Sciences Department. After the seminar, CSO Violinist Conservatory graduate Hüseyin Ulutaş and Strings Quarter met with the audience. In addition to the masterful works of the violin repertoire, the performance of Ali Ekber Çiçek's "Haydar Haydar" with an original arrangement created great enthusiasm in the concert. The last event of the day was the "Lied Evening", organized by the Opera Department and received acclaim for its elaborate performance of Lieds.

The concert given by Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory Youth Symphony Orchestra Conductor Prof. Dr. Burak Tüzün, which took place on the last day of the events, showed the audience how strongly the conservatory spirit continues in younger generations. The concert, in which Öykü Kebir (bassoons), Beyza Tur (bassoon), Mert Tümer (double bass), Roni Doğan (corner), Hatice Nisa Sarı (cello) and Zeyno Karadağlı (piano) participated as soloists, reflects the cultural foundations of the Republic, It gave hope that it could continue in the next century.