QS World Universities Rankings: Sustainability 2023 announced

In 2023, QS World University Rankings created a new assessment titled “Sustainability” to provide a framework for how universities are taking action to meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges as part of changes to the data collection system, and will announce its results for the first time this year. started. Here, QS aims to unlock the potential of universities to advance sustainable development through research, teaching and community engagement.

There are two categories in the QS Sustainability ranking: Environmental Impact and Social Impact. Universities can be ranked separately in each of these categories, in both, and in general. Each performance category consists of separate indicators, which are then aggregated to form a weight for each category. The weight of a performance category is 100 percent for each category, and each category in turn contributes 50 percent to the overall ranking. Scoring according to the sub-headings of the categories are as follows:

Social Impact Category

  •     Employment and Opportunities: 20 percent
  •     Equality: 30 percent
  •     Quality of Life: 10 percent
  •     Training Effect: 20 percent
  •     Information Exchange: 20 percent

Environmental Impact Category

  •     Sustainable Education: 40 percent
  •     Sustainable Institutions: 35 percent
  •     Sustainable Research: 25 percent

In the QS Sustainability 2023 ranking made for the first time this year, 700 universities from 71 countries and 11 from Turkey entered the ranking.

Hacettepe University was in the 361-380 band in the QS Sustainability 2023 world university rankings. Our university ranked 410th in the Environmental Impact category and 349th in the Social Impact category. When evaluated in terms of Turkish universities, Hacettepe University is in the second place after ITU and METU, which are the first in the country in the 201-220 band.

When evaluated over the sub-headings of the categories, Hacettepe University's strongest point at the global level in the Social Impact category was the Sustainable Institutions indicator, which ranked 236th. Its strongest aspect in the Environmental Impact category was the Information Exchange indicator, which ranked 125th worldwide and achieved the highest score among all titles.

In the QS Sustainability Ranking 2023 report, the following graphic is compiled regarding the research outputs of Hacettepe University published between 2016-2021 within the scope of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals determined by the United Nations. Here, the emphasis is on SDG 3 Health and Quality Living.


You may download the report by clicking here.

Details on the QS Sustainability Rankings 2023 results are available at https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/sustainability-rankings/2023.