Award to Hacettepe Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Mehmet Emin Mavi has been awarded with this year's Prof Suphi Artunkal Award, better known as the most prestigious award in Nuclear Medicine during the 35th Annual Congress of Turkish Society of Nuclear Medicine on 26-30 April 2023 with his residency thesis project supervised by Prof M. Fani Bozkurt, Head of Nuclear Medicine Department.

The project is a  prospective clinical study, which is supported by Hacettepe Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit,  entitled as " "INVESTIGATION OF RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ANGIOGENIC FACTOR LEVELS AND PROGNOSIS OF Y-90 MICROSPHERE TREATMENT", and the research team is comprised of Dr Mehmet Emin MAVİ, Prof M. Fani Bozkurt, Prof Bilge Salancı and Prof Ömer Uğur from Nuclear Medicine; Prof İncilay LAY from Medical Biochemistry; Asst. Prof F. Gonca Eldem and Prof Bora Peynircioğlu from Interventional Radiology and Prof Şuayib YALÇIN from Medical Oncology Departments of Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine. We congratulate the whole team on this award and wish great success with their future projects.