First class excitement of the newest members of the Hacettepe family

The Opening Ceremony of UNI 101 Introduction to University Life, which is the most attended course in our country, was held with the participation of 8400 students. After the speeches of our Rector Mehmet Cahit Güran and our Vice Rector Aydın Ulucan, the first lecture titled "Neurology and Film Industry" was given by Mehmet Akif Topçuoğlu at the opening ceremony of UNİ 101, which was designed to facilitate the adaptation process of students who settled in our university in the 2022 - 2023 academic year.

Our university's Symphony Orchestra concert, DJ performances, dance and sports shows, as well as 154 student ensembles welcomed our new students with their stands.

The Introduction to University Life Course, which started on Monday, September 26, will continue throughout the week with well-attended talks, department introductions and campus tours.