Is Decor Just Decoration? exhibition

The student exhibition titled "Is Decor Only Decoration?" was opened at Beytepe Art Gallery on January 19, 2024 with the successful works of the students who took the Ceramic Decor Techniques course, one of the basic courses of the Department of Ceramics and Glass. One of the basic courses in the curriculum of Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Ceramics and Glass Department since its foundation is the Ceramic Decor Techniques course taken by third year students.

In the 2023-2024 Fall Semester, an exhibition, which can be considered an accumulation of the last five years, was opened at the Beytepe Art Gallery under the leadership of the students who took this course. The exhibition, which ran from January 19-26, 2024, featured different decor techniques on more than 100 bowls. The compositions created by each student with their own drawings were applied on different clay bodies with relief, fine scraping, openwork and slip techniques and fired in an electric ceramic kiln at 1040℃. The exhibition was organized under the leadership of course instructors Prof. Dr. Candan Terviel and Res. Asst. Dr. Melisa Engineri, and the design was prepared by Duygu Aydın, a Master's Preparation Program student enrolled in the course. It also includes an announcement poster and a large wall poster consisting of photographs sharing the course process.

Merve Namidar, who took this course during the Corona Semester, and Eslem Bal, who is still a first year student, are also included in the exhibition. We are delighted to present only one of the ceramic workshops to the visitors.