New housing opportunities for our students

Some progress has been made by our university within the scope of increasing the accommodation opportunities of our students. In this context;

In the girls' dormitory built by the Credit and Dormitories Institution in the 1. Beytepe campus, approximately 1500 female students have been able to live in the dormitory since 2022-2023.

2. Our university's existing dormitory/student houses capacity has been increased by 700 people with the fixture support of the Credit and Dormitories Institution.

3. Within the framework of the protocol signed between our university and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, immovables consisting of 5 blocks and 400 1+1 flats in Mamak District were allocated to our university to meet the accommodation needs of our students.

In the first phase, 1600 students will be accommodated in residences. Within the scope of the protocol, it is planned to increase the total number of blocks to 9 over time.

Mamak District Eserkent residences are approximately 10 km from the Sıhhiye Campus and can be reached in 20 minutes by rail from the capital.

Eserkent Residences will provide an important opportunity for the use of our students, especially Sıhhiye Campus and ASO 1st OSB Vocational School, and there are toilets, bathrooms and wi-fi facilities in the rooms in the residences.

In the Family Life Center located next to Eserkent Residences, our students will also be able to benefit from opportunities such as a reading hall, sports center, music and activity opportunities. Students who want to stay in Eserkent residences, whose monthly fee is determined as 425.00 TL, should contact our University's Department of Health, Culture and Sports.