Sıhhiye cafeterias were renewed

Following the completion of the renovation and renovation works that have been ongoing for a while in the Sıhhiye Campus, the student and civil servant cafeteria was opened.

The opening of the Sanitary Student and Civil Servants' Dining Hall kitchen, whose renovation and renovation operations have been carried out by our university's Construction Works and Technical Department since September 6, 2023, was made by our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran on December 29, 2023.

Administrators, students, academic and administrative staff of Hacettepe University attended the opening. Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran, who spoke at the opening, said, “I wish our dining hall good luck. Apart from this dining room, the main changes and renovation work were made in the kitchen. The structurally unsuitable features of this place were corrected and its deficiencies were eliminated. Beyond that, the training necessary for our veteran personnel working here to do their jobs better has been partially provided and continues to be provided. Similar renovation work will be carried out for student cafeterias in Beytepe next year. Our ultimate goal is to have our cafeterias adopt the HACCP standards for food service businesses and obtain the Quality Certificate. “I would like to thank everyone who contributed.” he said.

Addressing the students, Rector Güran said that they would make the necessary improvements by taking into account the demands and complaints of our students, but that our students should use all the venues of our university and the opportunities created for them carefully, and that if our students do not protect the opportunities provided as required, all their efforts will be in vain and our students will have to experience this grievance again. he stated.