The 2022-2027 Research Priority Areas Report has been published

Hacettepe University Research Priority Areas study was initiated in September 2021 in order to determine the research areas to be focused on in the next 5 years (2022-2027) on a competency-based basis in order to establish the institutional research projection of our university. Study was carried out in 3 stages consisting of (i) notification of researchers' individual research priorities, (ii) determination of research priorities of academic units at department and faculty level based on researcher feedback, (iii) compilation of university research priorities based on feedback from academic units.

In the first stage of the study, individual feedbacks of our researchers were collected through the online form available at At this stage, 1250+ researchers working at our university gave feedback. In the second stage, the feedbacks of the researchers were separated according to the academic units they belonged to and conveyed to the faculties. Based on the individual feedback of the researchers through the committees formed in the academic units, the Unit Research Priority Areas Document has been prepared at the department and faculty level, including the academic staff of our units, research priority areas, sub-study topics, keywords, importance and justification. At the last stage of the study, the documents prepared by the academic units were compiled and Hacettepe University Research Priority Areas Report was prepared.

The introductory part of the report includes detailed information about our university's research policy, research ecosystem, research infrastructure, research support units, researcher profile and research performance. Our university, which has prepared its research priorities based on the feedback of our researchers in a way to cover all academic disciplines; With the contribution of qualified researchers, strong research infrastructure and support mechanisms, it will realize important outputs by realizing its priorities. I think that our university can achieve further goals by using its spatial, human and financial resources in line with its priorities and will continue to make a difference in the higher education system of our country.

Vural Gokmen

Click here for Hacettepe University Research Priority Areas Report for the Period 2022-2027.