2 new devices for better quality and state-of-the-art radiotherapy service

Two new devices were opened within the Radiation Oncology Department of our University Oncology Hospital, which is one of the leading centers in our country with its experienced, highly trained team and strong infrastructure in radiotherapy. Our university administration, hospital management, academic and administrative staff attended the opening ceremony held on December 25.

One of the devices opened is the SagiNova Brachytherapy device, which is an advanced brachytherapy system using the Cobalt-60 source produced with a brand new engineering technology, and the other is Elekta Versa HD Linear, which is in the category of the world's most advanced radiotherapy devices that can apply all modern techniques based on the highest technology in radiotherapy. Accelerator device.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran, who made the opening, reminded that they have been opening many openings within our university for a while and that they will continue to open in the following days, and said, “Today, we are opening 2 new places within our Oncology Hospital. These facilities that we will open will offer new opportunities to provide higher quality healthcare services provided to our citizens by our university's distinguished healthcare personnel and professors. We will continue to work hard, as we have done so far, to strengthen the contributions we offer to our country as a university. I would like to thank the Presidential Strategy Budget Directorate officials and companies for their contributions in the procurement and commissioning of these devices. We have no doubt that the university has the knowledge and capability to make a greater contribution to our country in every field with its human capital and infrastructure. I would like to thank everyone who contributed and hope that it will be beneficial and auspicious and contribute to the recovery of our patients.” said.
Prof. Dr. Necla Özer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Health Services, said; “The devices we will launch today are very important in terms of providing the health services offered by our Oncology Hospital with the latest technology, and their contributions to the field of research and education are also very valuable. Thanks to this facility, professionals in the relevant field working at other universities will also have the opportunity to receive training. “We thank our state and administrators for the support they provided us.”

Prof. Dr. Gökhan Özyiğit, Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology at our university, shared the following information about the devices put into service:
“Today, the SagiNova Brachytherapy system, which we will inaugurate within our Department of Radiation Oncology, is an advanced system that uses the Cobalt-60 source produced with a brand new engineering technology that can serve for 6-7 years due to its longer half-life, instead of the classical brachytherapy radioactive sources, which have a half-life limited to months. It is a brachytherapy system. We have protocols with 4 universities regarding this device. We will also provide training at these universities with our assistant friends.

Elekta Versa HD Linear Accelerator is in the category of the world's most advanced radiotherapy devices, which can apply all advanced techniques based on the highest technology in radiotherapy. Two Vision RT systems, which have been installed as one of the most advanced surface tracking systems in the world to help focus on the target in radiotherapy, have been a great gain in terms of providing the most perfect and high-quality radiotherapy to our patients. These devices are the most costly devices in our hospital. At this point, I would like to thank our esteemed Rector, our hospital management and Elekta, Medifer and Nükleon companies.”