A book in memory of Prof. Dr. Hasan Işın Dener

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Hacettepe University has been a home for numerous respectable academics throughout its history. These alumni form the back bone of the Faculty’s institutional identity and academic recognition. The Dean’s Office, in order to pay homage to its precious alumni and contribute to scientific literature, planned a series of books dedicated to the memory of its late professors to be published by Hacettepe University Press.

The book “MANAGEMENT RESEARCH In Memory of Professor Hasan Işın Dener” is one of the books in the series prepared within this context under the editorial supervision of Onur Koyuncu. Professor Dener worked for the university for decades where he became an icon (especially among his students) as a source of knowledge, intellect, expertise and positivity. The book consists of 15 chapters, mostly prepared by students an co-workers of Dener (all of which were subject to a double blind review process) as well as a section of personal memoir. The 574 page work includes resarch from all basic functions of business administration. Published in December 2022, the book is supposed to provide an enjoyable, challenging and inspirational read for both the experienced and novice researchers in management and business administration.