Earthquake survivor mother and daughter took their first steps in Hacettepe

In addition to the losses experienced as a result of the earthquake disaster, many people became disabled due to the loss of arms and legs.

In addition to medical treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation approaches were applied by Hacettepe University Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation to earthquake victims who were transferred from the earthquake area from the first day of the disaster and had amputations at Hacettepe University Hospitals.

“Technology-assisted prosthesis construction with a three-dimensional scanning system” was started for individuals who became suitable for prosthesis production. Earthquake survivor mother and daughter, both amputated below the knee, started walking with their prostheses for the first time on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

Prosthetics made with the facilities of the Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of our university enabled two patients who lost their legs below the knee level due to the earthquake to regain their lost walking ability, thus allowing them to see that they can assume a role in society as functional individuals.

Prof. Dr. Özlem Ülger, Dean of Hacettepe University Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, stated that an amputee's ability to be functional with a prosthesis, to continue activities of daily living and to return to sociocultural life depends on the rehabilitation process with prosthesis. The greatest chance of patients is to have equipment support, the rehabilitation process is more important than the construction of the prosthesis, and the success of the rehabilitation that provides active participation in life.

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