Environmental Engineering students returned from the Invention Festival with 2 awards

Bulus Senligi is held in the same format and content, based on the competition "Invention Challenge", which has been open to the participation of JPL-NASA engineers in schools in Southern California and in the United States since 1998, and is held in Turkey only exception of United States.

Competition regulators invite students and enthusiasts to solve a physical problem based on practice by creating a mechanism (invention).

Inventions that will solve any detail in accordance with the rules and conditions set out to the problem, designed to the very best detail, are competed. The winner is determined by measurement and counting, not by the jury.
17th of Invention Challenge Festival in Turkey was held on December 10, 2022, at Doguş University-Istanbul Dudullu Campus.

Environmental Engineering 4th class elective course, "CEV-492 Special Topics in Environmental Engineering", was included in two device designs and the first and second awards were received in the hobbyists' categories.

Competition Team:  

 İsmail Tarık ŞENKAL (Environmental Engineering)
 Eren PAMUK (Environmental Engineering)            
 Ramazan Kaan DEMİRCİ (Geology Engineering)
  Ahmet Semih ÇETİNER (Environmental Engineering)
  Nuh AKARSU (Environmental Engineering)