Hacettepe yanında...

The project Hacettepe Yanında, which we developed as Hacettepe University to support their education by providing opportunities for our students with limited financial means, was implemented. With the project, it is aimed to provide financial support to our students by our graduates, employees, supporters who have ties to Hacettepe University, and other institutions and organizations.

Project web page yanında.hacettepe.edu.tr will be the place for the following:

  •      Within the scope of the legislation, the nutritional and sheltering supports given by our university are carried out,
  •      Where our graduates who want to provide financial support to our students, other people and institutions, institutions, academic and administrative staff who have a heartfelt connection with our university, and our students who request financial support,

Those who want to provide financial support in the Hacettepe Yanında System;
You can support our students in need by choosing one or more of the accommodation, nutrition, technology and/or cash support options. For this, after you register as a Supporter by selecting the packages you want to support on the system, your request will be evaluated and you will be matched with those in need regarding the package you want to support.

Those who want to receive financial support from the Hacettepe Yanında System;
For housing, nutrition, technology and/or cash support requests, you must log in to the system with your hacettepe.edu.tr e-mail and password, fill out the Financial Support Request Form and upload the relevant documents. Your request will be evaluated and efforts will be made to meet the support you requested within the possibilities, or your registration will be kept active for new opportunities that will occur over time.