Hayat Good Life Center is in operation

The "Hayat Good Life Center" project, which was carried out in cooperation with our university and Hayat Holding, was implemented in Malatya.
Following the earthquake disaster in Malatya, a cooperation protocol was signed between our University and Hayat Holding in order to support life in the region.
The "Good Life Center" project was implemented in the largest container city of the region, located in the earthquake zone and established by AFAD in cooperation with Malatya Governorship.
Volunteer Hacettepe residents who have been providing services at the center since October 30, 2023, contribute to our university establishing closer relations with the society and helping our academic studies reach the society. The expected effects of the outputs of this project are to support individuals affected by the earthquake and ensure social integration in the short term; In the medium and long term, it is stated that it will contribute to the increase of the welfare level in the region.
The library, study room and computer room opened at the Hayat Good Life Center offer children and young people both a quiet working environment and an environment where they can be supported by volunteer academics.
By participating in the activities prepared by our volunteers, children between the ages of 3-6 develop their skills, learning and focus skills while having fun and have the opportunity to interact with their peers. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 benefit from the healing effects of art by participating in music and painting activities.

At the Hayat Good Life Center, activities such as conversations, handicraft making and seed planting activities are also carried out for the socialization of the local people.

In the mother-baby support room, Hacettepe University volunteers inform mothers about issues such as caring for their babies, ensuring hygiene conditions, and safe attachment, while also assessing their psychosocial needs and directing mothers who need support to relevant public institutions and organizations.

People over the age of sixty-five who apply to the support room are evaluated in terms of their nutritional status, psychosocial needs, and daily life activities, and are directed to relevant public institutions and organizations if a need is detected.

Another support room is the Occupational Therapy room. In this room, exercises are performed to improve both cognitive and muscle functions of people.