In memory of Prof. Dr. Güneri Akalın

The commemorative book prepared in memory of the late Prof. Dr. Güneri Akalın, our university’s retired faculty member, was published by Hacettepe University Press. One of the leading names in the public finance community, Prof. Dr. Güneri Akalın had an important role in the development of Hacettepe University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Public Finance.

The study, which was prepared under the editorship of Prof. Dr. Erdem Seçilmiş and Prof. Dr. Pelin Varol İyidoğan, consists of 18 chapters. Many research studies in the fields of public economy, fiscal policy, budget-fiscal planning and tax law are included in this study in which particular public finance researchers from different universities and institutions contribute as authors and referees.

Transforming and updated public sector and service approach has led to the rapid evolution of public finance theory, especially in recent years. Within this framework, focusing on innovations in theory and practice was particularly paid attention to in this commemorative book. The edited book includes research in the fields of global public goods, common goods and environmental economy; Furthermore, the reflections of the Covid-19 Pandemic on accountability / fund management and fiscal space discussions were mentioned. Additionally, fiscal studies focusing on more conventional areas such as public spending (education, defense, etc.), optimal taxation, tax avoidance, and fiscal performance are also included in the commemorative book.