Proceedings of the Agroconturkey Conference were published as e-books

Agroconturkey conference was organized by Hacettepe University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

The conference aimed to investigate agricultural problems from a broader perspective, with the observation that researchers' interest in agricultural problems is focused on the protection of agricultural products and the creation of more productive agricultural areas. When the existing literature is examined, it is seen that there are important gaps that require economics, business and international relations perspectives. For this purpose, a wide-ranging conference was organized covering various topics such as rural development, agricultural management (with sub-titles of product standardization, logistics, consumer behavior, finance, supply chain management), innovation, digital agriculture, climate change and food security (see Conference proceedings were published in order to increase the impact of the academic contribution of the event. Agriculture in the Human Age: Challenges and Opportunities Book of Abstracts can also be accessed at