The 2022-2023 URAP World Rankings have been announced

Hacettepe University was ranked 517th among 2022-2023 world universities and 1st among Turkish universities in the 2022-2023 world university ranking prepared by URAP (University Ranking By Academic Performance), which lists the 3000 universities with the highest academic performance.

In the 2022-2023 World Ranking of URAP, universities from 121 different countries were included in the evaluation. This year, 3,000 universities that have published the most scientific articles among universities were determined and ranked and scored according to URAP indicators. Articles in journals with the lowest impact value in the last 25 percent and articles in journals with zero impact or not yet determined were excluded from the ranking. In addition, articles with 1000 or more authors were not included in the ranking. 3 thousand higher education institutions in the world ranking of URAP represent approximately 15 percent of higher education institutions in the world.

URAP evaluated higher education institutions on 6 criteria:

  • Number of Articles: 21%
  • Number of Citations: 21%
  • Total Number of Documents: 10%
  • Total Broadcast Impact: 18%
  • Total Citation Impact: 15%
  • International Cooperation: 15%

Harvard, Toronto, University College London, Paris and Oxford universities were in the top five in the URAP 2022-2023 World Rankings. 105 from the USA, 89 from China, 31 from Germany, 25 from the UK, 23 from Italy and Australia, 17 from Canada, 16 from France, 13 from Spain and South Korea, 12 from the Netherlands, 11 universities from Japan were listed among the top 500 universities. There are no universities in our country that entered the top 500 this year.

Hacettepe University, which ranked 524th last year, increased its score on all indicators this year and achieved a great success by ranking 1st among 118 Turkish universities listed among 3 thousand universities according to the 2022-2023 URAP results, and 517th in the world university rankings. . Istanbul University ranked 639th, Ankara University 745th, ITU 778th, METU 810th, Gazi University 877th, Ege University 889th, Koç 957th, Istanbul University- Cerrahpaşa 965th. 9 universities from Turkey entered the top 1000.

When evaluated over general performance criteria, Hacettepe University has once again approached the world's top 500 universities, which it had previously achieved in the 2020-2021 ranking, with the promotion of quality article publications in journals with high impact and the updating of strategies for increasing international collaborations. It was emphasized in the URAP evaluation that the number of articles of Hacettepe University was compatible with the world average. The fact that our university has been ranked first among Turkish universities for the last five years in the URAP World Ranking is an indication of its continued success.

Hacettepe University's performance in the last five years in the URAP World University Rankings: