The book, authored by Prof. Dr. Murat Diker from the Department of Mathematics, was published by Springer Nature.

This book provides a complete framework for the fundamental concepts and results of texture spaces and its applications. The principal aim is to present a comprehensive arguments due to connections among the textures, fuzzy sets and rough sets. In this context, direlations, fuzzy direlations and fuzzy relations constitute a bridge for the remarkable observations on rough set theory. In a more general setting, the approximation operators are also inspected for fuzzy rough set models with two domains of discourse.  

Since the book is self-contained and reader-friendly, the respected researchers may utilize this source for further investigations of the necessary results for their studies on rough set theory using textures. Therefore, prospective readers are not only mathematicians who interest in purely mathematical theories related to textures, but also engineers of information sciences who need more information for their interdisciplinary studies with respect to rough sets and fuzzy sets.

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