They returned from the Medical Genetics Congress with 2 awards

The 15th National Medical Genetics Congress with International Participation was held in Dalaman between 9-13 November 2022. Our university’s Department of Medical Genetics contributed to the congress with 7 oral presentations. Two of these studies have been awarded “Best Oral Presentation” and “Oral Presentation Special Jury Award”.

Beren Karaosmanoğlu (Ph.D.) presented the results of the HÜ-BAP project, which she’s the principal investigator of, focused on RNA-based therapeutics in her presentation titled “Allele-Specific Anti-sense Oligonucleotides: Is “Fine-tuning” Treatment Possible in Hereditary Retinal Diseases?” and was awarded “Best Oral Presentation”. Res. Assist. Dr. Ayşe Gürel’s “Oral Presentation Special Jury Award” winning presentation is titled “Redefining the Inheritance Pattern in RPS29 Related DBA”, which is supported by EJPRD and RiboEurope Consortium, and stems from her thesis on elucidating the genetic etiology of Diamond-Blackfan Anemia (principal investigator and thesis advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Arda Çetinkaya).