Eren Çanga, the quality ambassador of our university, at EQAF 2022

European Quality Assurance Forum 2022 (EQAF 2022) was held in Timisoara, Romania between 17-19 November 2022, hosted by West University of Timisoara. Eren Çanga, a member of the ESU Quality Assurance Expert Student Pool participated in the forum organized by the European University Association (EUA), European Network for Quality Assurance (ENQA), European Students' Union (ESU) and European Association of Institutions in Higher Education (EURASHE) as the only representative from Turkey.

At the forum titled “Shaping or sharing? Quality Assurance in the Value-driven European Higher Education Area”, the European standards and guidelines for quality assurance in higher education (ESG), academic freedom, institutional autonomy, student participation in the management of higher education institutions, inclusion and equality were discussed. common values of democratic higher education systems were discussed.

The sessions, which consisted of presentations and workshops, also covered European policies and trends, practical case studies on R&D and the Forum theme, and current developments in quality assurance more generally.