Hacettepe Athletic Sports Center was opened

The opening of Hacettepe Athletic Sports Center, which is the most equipped and widely used area in Ankara, took place with the participation of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Osman Aşkın Bak.
The opening ceremony of the "Hacettepe Athletic Sports Center", which was put into service at the Beytepe Campus of our University and has the most equipped and wide usage area in Ankara, was held on May 23. 
The opening ceremony of the sports center built with the contributions of the Ministry of Youth and Sports; Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Osman Aşkın Bak, former Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Kasapoğlu, President of Spor Toto Organization Mehmet Ata Öztürk, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran and senate members, staff and students of our university attended.
Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Osman Aşkın Bak stated that Turkey is experiencing a significant transformation in sports and said, "Turkey has been experiencing a revolution in terms of facilities and investments in sports for the last 22 years."
Thanking those who contributed to the establishment of the facility, Minister Bak said, “Our previous minister made a great contribution to the initiation of this project. We are a strong family. "The Sports family gives great support to these investments." he said.

“Hacettepe should also be a school in sports.” 

Emphasizing that Hacettepe should be a school in sports, Minister Bak said, “The relations between Hacettepe and the Ministry of Youth and Sports go back a long way in the fight against doping. Hacettepe has serious experience in sports, doping and dietitians. It is very important that such an important capacity is completed with facilities and put at the service of our athletes. Sports are very important in universities. “I recommend our students, professors and employees at the university to stay involved in sports.” he said.

Our Rector Güran: “Hopefully, many athletes will train in this facility.”

At the ceremony, Mehmet Cahit Güran also made a speech and said:
"It has become the most prestigious, most qualified facility in Turkey, where everyone can enjoy doing sports. We will integrate the knowledge and experience of our university with this infrastructure. When we do this, we will differentiate ourselves, we are aware of this. Hopefully, many athletes will be trained in this facility. National teams will be here." "We have no hesitation about them doing their training. Our campus is open to their sports activities. After all, these facilities were built with our state's taxes and belong to our state."
Our Rector Güran thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Spor Toto Organization for their contributions to the construction of the facility. 
After the speeches, Minister Bak, Kasapoğlu and Güran cut the opening ribbon and toured the sports center after the opening.

Features of Hacettepe Athletic Sports Center:
Swimming pool
Hacettepe Athletic Olympic Swimming Pool has one full Olympic size (25 m x 50 m) and one (25 m x 7.5 m) warming pool. It is also capable of hosting competitions with its large tribune of 800 people. 

Fitness Center
Hacettepe Athletic fitness center has 4 floors and a total usage area of 6000 m2. The center includes free exercise areas with weight-adjusting machines, cable machines, free weights, a crossfit station, treadmills, horizontal and vertical bicycles and ellipticals, as well as freely usable basketball, table tennis and squash halls. Apart from these areas, the center has archery, gymnastics, combat sports, pilates, yoga, dance and spinning studios reserved for group classes and training. It is among the few facilities in Ankara with its wide usage area and professional equipment.
There are 16 treadmills, 3 rowing machines, 13 ellipticals, 7 vertical and 7 horizontal bicycles in the cardio areas. There are 16 Spanish-made BH Fitness brand spinning bikes in the spinning studio.
In the fitness areas, there are 22 cable machines, 62 weight-addition machines and free exercise benches. Apart from this equipment, the facility includes dumbbells of different weights, medicine balls, Olympic bars and bosu balls that can be used in free weight and fitness exercises.
In the Pilates studio, there are 2 Cadillac Reformers and 2 Tower Reformers. This hall also has a large empty area with a mirror for floor pilates exercises. Pilates exercises can be done in this hall with 21 pilates mats, balls and bands among the equipment.