Mobilization for Earthquake from Hacettepe

After the earthquakes that took place in Pazarcık and Elbistan districts of Kahramanmaraş and affected many of our provinces, all members of Hacettepe University mobilized to support earthquake victims.

Since the first day of the earthquake, 71 physicians working in Hacettepe Hospitals took their places in the field for the organization of health services and the treatment of the injured.

All of our academic, administrative staff and students continued to support our physicians with devotion. All members of our university, who declared a mobilization to collect the materials needed in the earthquake area and deliver them to the area, worked day and night to deliver the aid materials to the area.

Materials found in our trucks sent to Hatay (1), Antakya (1), Osmaniye (2), Kahramanmaraş-Afşin (1) and Adıyaman (2) were delivered to the region under the coordination of AFAD.

Due to the information that the supplies sent to the region are sufficient and that it may cause problems for the organization, it was decided to stop the in-kind aid collection organization as of 21:00 on Sunday, February 12. It has been reported that if needed, our university will meet again with all its units and members for our earthquake victims.