The groundbreaking device in the field of radiosurgery is in Hacettepe for the first time in Turkey

Our university has taken another groundbreaking step in the field of radiosurgery. Turkey's first robotic gyroscopic radiosurgery device, ZAP-X, was put into service with the opening ceremony held on February 20, 2024 at Hacettepe University Oncology Hospital.

To the opening ceremony; Presidency President of Strategy and Budget İbrahim Şenel, Vice President Kutluhan Taşkın and other officials and managers of the General Directorate of Sectors and Public Investments, our Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran, our Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Serhat Ünal, Prof. Dr. Sibel Aksu Yıldırım, Hacettepe University Hospitals Health Services Unit Chairman Prof. Dr. Necla Özer, our university's administrators, academic and administrative staff attended.

With the ZAP-X system, which was established as the first system in Turkey, the 7th in Europe and the 18th in the world, patients will be offered a new, more effective and less invasive treatment opportunity.

Rector of our university, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Cahit Güran, said, “As Hacettepe University, we describe ourselves as the university of firsts. We are a university that has achieved many firsts for Turkey and even the world since the day it was founded. I am sure that many people will find healing here, and I think their prayers will be the greatest reward for everyone who implements and continues this service, both in this world and the afterlife.” said. He thanked the Presidency's Strategy and Budget Presidency and the relevant units of our state for their support, and stated that they, as a university, will continue to work intensively to undertake larger projects.

Introducing Turkey's first robotic gyroscopic radiosurgery device, Head of the Department of Radiation Oncology at our university, Prof. Dr. Gökhan Özyiğit, stated that this device will be used in the treatment of head and neck cancers and diseases in the brain area, and said, "When treating the brain with radiosurgery, every fine detail is important to achieve the best result." Dedicated to treating only cranial and head and neck tumors without using cobalt-60 radioactive sources, ZAP-X will enable first-class treatments that are not possible with other multi-purpose radiotherapy systems designed to treat breast, lung and prostate cancers. As Hacettepe, we have more than twenty years of experience, breaking new ground. With ZAP-X, we plan to not only treat brain lesions, but also treat recurrent upper head and neck tumors such as orbital tumors, uveal melanomas and nasopharyngeal cancers with appropriate indications. "We are very excited and happy to open the ZAP-X system and treatment unit and to further expand the world-class capacity of our department with ZAP-X."

Pointing out that, compared to traditional devices, the ZAP-X system will not require a high-cost and limited Cobalt-60 radioactive source to operate, Özyiğit stated that this feature will reduce treatment costs and make relevant healthcare services more accessible.

It means that the new era in cancer treatment that started worldwide with ZAP-X technology will also begin in Turkey with the new service to be provided at Hacettepe University. With this infrastructure created, it is anticipated that high quality treatment services will be provided to many patients by highly qualified, leading specialist physicians of Hacettepe University Radiation Oncology Department.