Republic of Turkey in 100th Anniversary Symposium

As a part of the activities concerning the 100th year of our Republic, “Republic of Turkey in 100th Anniversary Symposium” was held at Beytepe Campus in Mehmet Akif Ersoy Hall under the coordination of the Rectorate of our University with the collaborative work of Faculty of Letters, Ataturk Institute, Institute of Turkish Studies, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and the support of Faculty of Fine Arts, and Ankara State Conservatory. It became one of the most significant symposiums that covered the achievements of the Republic of Turkey in its first century in detail with regards to the subjects of history, politics, law, economics, culture, art, literature, linguistics and health by featuring twenty invaluable academic presentations. Our Symposium, enthusiastically attended by our faculty and students, drew attention by the presence of the attendance of students and faculty members of various other universities.